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Planning a Whistler Wedding in 2022? Consider a Micro Wedding!

If you’re someone who planned a wedding that got interrupted by the pandemic, or someone who got engaged and are now faced with a pandemic restricted wedding, or even someone who’s just looking for a smaller wedding solution: consider a micro wedding!

What is a Micro Wedding?

Well, it’s not an elopement. Elopements typically only include the couple and an officiant. A micro wedding, on the other hand, can include all your close friends and family members - anything from 6-50 people. That’s well within pandemic restrictions! A micro wedding also allows the opportunity for traditional wedding elements (things that might not be possible at an elopement, like that classic father-daughter dance, beautiful wedding decor, or a cake cut), just on a smaller scale.

The Benefits of a Micro Wedding

Micro weddings have some benefits that might make them a better option for you this year. Their small size allows you to be agile in the face of changing Covid restrictions, but that’s not the only great thing about micro weddings. Micro weddings are:

  • Less likely to require drastic changes in general;

  • Intimate and stylish with a guest list of people who are truly important to your relationship;

  • More versatile; their small size can open unique locations that aren’t available to ‘typically sized’ weddings - you could have a wedding at a cabin by the lake, the Peak of Whistler Blackcomb, in the forest, or at a private residence in Whistler. Let your imagination run wild!

  • Micro weddings allow space for meaningful touches (things like personalized wedding favours or hand-painted table cards) that can make the experience more personal for your guests.

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The Benefits Wedding Flowers and Décor Bring to your Micro Wedding

Because micro weddings are smaller, they offer an amazing opportunity for a creative and stunning wedding, especially when it comes to wedding flowers and decor. A smaller number of guests means you’ll need less reception tables and centrepieces, and a smaller wedding party means you’ll need less wedding party bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages. With less bases to cover, your floral budget can go towards making a real statement with your wedding flowers!

Floral designs like grounded wedding arches, hanging installations, and tablescapes are stunning options for your extra floral budget and these designs can really help pull your wedding day together; a grounded floral arch can bring a sense of closeness during the ceremony; a tablescape can add a sense of specialness and celebration to your reception; and a hanging installation can really add a wow factor to your wedding decor. As an added bonus, with all these amazing floral designs, your wedding photos will stand out so much that you’ll be extra excited to share them with people who couldn’t attend because of travel restrictions!

How to Bring your Whistler Micro Wedding to Life in 2022

First of all, planning a wedding during a pandemic means you’ll need to be prepared for change. But don’t be afraid of it! Micro weddings are incredibly versatile. Rest assured that your wedding can still turn out amazing in spite of the changing tides of restrictions.

One thing that will really help with adapting to changes is hiring a wedding planner and a supportive team of wedding vendors. This team will help you keep on top of the changing regulations and, if you’re planning on using your micro wedding as an opportunity to throw a truly unique celebration, help you with all the logistics of setting up your special location, food, and decor.

A key thing I’d like to mention is that, just because your wedding is smaller, you shouldn’t wait to book your venue and vendors. It’s important to give your vendors enough time to get everything perfect so that you can have everything you're dreaming of for your wedding day.

If you’re looking for more tips on how to bring your Whistler micro wedding to life, check out “What is a Micro Wedding and Should you Have One?” on! They offer great tips to help you make sure that all your bases are covered when it comes to your Whistler micro wedding.

If you have any other questions about wedding planning or are looking for flowers for your wedding in Whistler or throughout B.C., get in touch! Ninebark offers Micro Wedding and Bespoke Wedding flower packages that are unique, personal, and designed to be a memorable part of your intimate celebration. Contact us at 604 906 0046 or and together we can start to bring your wedding ideas to life!

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