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Named after a type of dramatic dark purple foliage, Ninebark is a creative floristry studio whose work is characterized by texture, colour and the beautifully unexpected.


Ninebark was established in 2013 by Sophie Rivers, who founded the business after spending eight years working as a florist in both the UK and Canada. Sophie is assisted on larger events and more intricate set ups by a collection of talented freelance designers.

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Ninebark Foliage


"For as long as I can remember flowers have been part of my life. Growing up in the English countryside among a family of avid horticulturalists, our garden was a magical kingdom to be explored. Filled with bright blooms, lush greenery, fragrant herbs and towering Chestnut trees.  


As a child, on trips to London, Mum and I would often go on adventures to marvel at the beautiful flower shops hidden amongst the busy streets. I would stand on tip-toe and watch the apron clad designers create bouquets with dextrous fingers and strong hands.


Growing up I remained fascinated by flowers. While studying Design at Leeds University I would escape my classes and visit the bustling Kirkgate Market to pick out flowers and create arrangements. After graduating and starting my first real job in Advertising, I simply couldn’t bear sitting still behind a desk and continued to daydream about becoming a florist. In the end, I took a weekend job scrubbing buckets in a local flower shop. It was there, in rubber gloves and a wearing soaking wet apron, I realised I really didn't belong behind a desk..."

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