As a floral designer, I have come to realise that flowers always tell stories. People use flowers to represent important parts of their lives. Flowers form gestures of self, emotion and occasion. Learning the stories behind why people choose flowers is an important part of my job. Because you share your stories with me, I thought it was time to share mine with you…

For as long as I can remember flowers have been part of my life. Growing up in rural England in a family of avid gardeners, our high walled country garden was a magical kingdom to be explored, filled with spectacular blooms, scented blossoms, herbs and conker trees.  I can’t remember a time when we didn’t have fresh flowers from the garden in our kitchen.


On trips to the City, Mum and I would often go on adventures and marvel at the beautiful flower shops hidden amongst London’s busy streets. I would always stand on tip-toe and watch as the apron clad designers would create bouquets with dextrous fingers and strong hands.


As I grew up, flowers remained a huge part of my life, in-fact I have never been without them. As a Design Student I would often take a break from my studies and visit the bustling Kirkgate Market in Leeds to pick out flowers to take home and create arrangements. Even in my first ‘real’ job in Advertising, I couldn’t bear to be sat still behind my desk and would daydream of becoming a floral designer. I took a Saturday job scrubbing buckets in a local flower shop to get my weekly fix.  It didn’t take long to realise I didn’t belong behind a desk and that flowers were an addiction I couldn’t kick.


To this day I haven’t been able to shake my addiction. My house is always filled with flowers, plants and creations. One day I still dream of owning a flower shop down a cobbled street, but for now my workshop in the mountains is the best office I could ever dream of.


Now you know my story, I look forward to hearing yours. Always over coffee (although I will probably drink tea), I cant wait to meet you!