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2022 Wedding Trends for Whistler Wedding Flowers

News just in: the late 80's and early 90's are back!

When it comes to on-trend Whistler wedding flowers for 2022, we want you to think unapologetically bold designs, structured shapes and subtle tropical influences!

Creative statement designs are in for Whistler Weddings! Couples reducing their guest lists due to current gathering restrictions or who are planning microweddings are now putting more of their budgets towards their wedding flowers.

Here’s some of what we are seeing…

2022 Colour Trends for Wedding Flowers:

This year at Ninebark we are loving seeing that the use of beautiful earth tones such terracotta, nude, cream, and burgundy remain on trend. It’s also exciting to note that all white florals are also enjoying a resurgence and are being paired with minimal greenery to allow the blooms to really stand out.

Table setup with chairs and flower background

2022 Floral Design Trends:

Tropical blooms and greenery are making a welcome comeback in our wedding flowers! Particularly structural Anthuriums, delicate Phalaenopsis Orchids, glossy Monstera leaves and striking palms. These greeneries are partnered with romantic and traditional blooms such as Roses, Carnations, Chrysanthemums, and Gypsophila to create an updated take on the bold, statement designs of the late 80s and early 90’s.

Overall, blocks of the same floral blooms are being used together to create textured groupings that move away from the loose organic style we’ve been seeing for the past few years. Natural shapes continue to be very popular, however we’re now seeing them combine fresh and dried florals for a modern take on the ever popular garden style look.

White flower setup and design

Something new to note is that we are trending away from a loose garden style look and back to a more rounded shape; however, instead of the perfectly round “ball” we saw in the 90’s, the current wedding flower trends feature different heights and depths of blooms so the overall look has a natural edge. We’re also moving towards a more bloom forward style of wedding bouquet design and using less greenery.

Bride posing for photo with a flower bouquet

Ceremony Flowers:

In 2022, couples are continuing to get creative with their wedding ceremonies! Due to smaller guest lists and intimate venues (micro weddings), wedding florists are being given the opportunity to create one-of-a-kind statement designs that help bring the space together. Heavy floral arches, grounded arcs, and pillar designs are all popular. As an added bonus, these can often be re-purposed for use at receptions to create bold looks around head-tables.

Table setup with a hanging flower arrangement above

Reception Flowers:

When it comes to dressing up your reception, the greenery runners that have been incredibly popular over the past few years are being phased out in favour of tall reception designs and statement vase arrangements. These bold wedding flower designs create a clean, glamourous look that provides immediate impact as you enter the room.

If you have any questions about wedding planning or are looking for flowers for your wedding in Whistler, Pemberton or Squamish, get in touch! Ninebark offers Micro Wedding and Bespoke Wedding flower packages that are unique, personal, and designed to be a memorable part of your intimate celebration. Contact us at 604 906 0046 or and together we can start to bring your wedding ideas to life!

~ Sophie

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