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Monochromatic Dried Wreath

Excluding GST/HST
  • Inspired by everlasting floral wreaths from England, this timeless, textured design is created using organic blooms that were locally grown and carefully dried in Whistler BC. Made for enjoyment indoors, this one of a kind piece will continue to provide a burst of colour in your home well after the snow has melted, or continually each year if carefully stored. Measures approx 20" wide x 25" tall.

    Please note that dried flower wreaths are fragile and best mounted out of direct sunlight and away from heat. They are best hung in an area where they will not be moved or brushed against by people and puppy tails.

  • Delivery Costs:

    Whistler $20

    Whistler South (Cheakamus/Function Junction) $25

    Pemberton $12.50


    Please note that online orders cannot be guaranteed for same day delivery. If you are seeking same day delivery please call 604 906 0046 to place you order.

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